Method: discussion, photo, interview

Problem: Prejudice which we may have about others, which arise based on their looks, often come about without our conscious decision making, but rather as a consequence of internalized social norms of our surroundings. That means that we may be prone to connect some character traits with physical appearances, even though there is no positive correlation, which manifests in such a way that when we first interact with someone, we don’t necessarily view them as an autonomous individual, but rather ascribe them a set of traits or identity markers which we prefixed and then act according to those.

Goal: The goal of this workshop is to explain which role physical representation had in different time periods until today through describing „fashion“ in different societies and to encourage further examination and exploration of alternative physical appearances as crucial parts of one’s identity.

End result: Through better understanding of different functions of clothing and realizing the meanings of markers which people choose to wear, it is expected from participants to apply that knowledge in everyday life and communities which they come from, spreading tolerance and openness for individual differences.