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Method: acting, musical

Problem: Human trafficking is an issue which isn’t talked about often enough, and as a consequence of that, people aren’t familiar with mechanism which can be used to fight it. Proportions in which it happens and the impacts it has is something often marginalized in people’s minds, so that they believe it can never happen to them, therefore they shouldn’t be too concerned about it.

Goal: Using the method of this workshop, participants are supposed to view and approach this problem in a creative way. The goal is to put themselves in a different perspective from their usual point of view on human trafficking and to come to a more complex and deeper understanding which isn’t characterized by stigma which follows it and its victims.

End result: Participants should present this serious problem through the use of acting and singing and through that artistic interpretation bring closer the nuances of the issue and raise awareness, so that in the future they can initiate further exploration which would bring a stop to any dilemma about what human trafficking is, how severe is it and when and it which way we ought to react.