Method: Arts and Crafts

Problem: Modern advancements in technology have brought forth a great number of solutions to many of our problems. However, they have also phased out some of the older ones. Today we find ourselves in a world where many of the crafts that have existed in our culture for centuries are slowly being forgotten or merely replaced by their more modern alternatives which lack the same liveliness present in the originals.

Goal: Through learning how to craft many of these near-forgotten artifacts, the participants will get a chance to explore many aspects of Serbian culture and find out which unique elements distinguish it from those of our neighboring countries. With the guidance of our expert moderator, they will help us in preserving and important part of our history for the future generations.

End result: Upon completing this workshop, the participants will have gained the knowledge on how to create many traditional items that have been present in our culture for centuries and the context within which they came to be and how they have impacted Serbian national history.