Method: discussion, public speaking

Problem: Young people, as leaders in change and innovation, are a priceless source of ideas and motivation for starting social changes and raising awareness on the aspects of society which need them. However, to present ideas as well and as clearly as possible, one needs certain skills, because the reaction to given information depends greatly on the way in which said information is being presented.

Goal: Through discussion, participants will become aware of the importance of youth activism in any society, through history to the present moment. Additionally, they will have a chance of gaining public speaking skills through practical work, which will give them an all important element needed for expressing your views before the eyes of the world. By combining methods of discussion and public speaking, after the workshop the participants will be able to present their ideas about society in a clear and impactful way.

End result: After the workshop, the participants should gain broader awareness on how important their engagement is in the development and progress of society, as well as ways in which they can make their activism visible and efficient.