Method: yoga practice

Problem: Exposure to stress combined with the unnatural positions we put ourselves in during daily activities leaves a big trace on the body which expresses itself in lack of flexibility, tension, and even pain in certain body parts. A healthy, functioning body, together with a healthy, functional mind, is the basis of a quality life in our youth years, but also later on, when we’re older. For this reason, it is important to become aware of the body, the problems we might already have, or the ones we can prevent from happening, as early as possible, and work diligently on maintaining an optimal level of health.

Goal: During the workshop, the participants will have a closer look at asanas, yogic postures, and gain knowledge on how to sequence them in a correct order, so that they can target the individual problems they face. Additionally, they will be introduced to the basics of restorative yoga, which has a therapeutic effect on the mind and the body, and is a great tool for achieving mental and physical health.

End result: After the workshop, the participants should learn how to enrich their daily life with yoga practice in a correct and safe way, and how to adjust the practice to their own individual mind and body needs.