Method: Investigative journalism, IT

Problem: Over the past few years we have been able to witness a more widespread use of social media. They allow people to connect in previously unimaginable ways. However, at the same they time they have opened a window for abuse in term of dissemination of messages aimed at belittling and insulting certain individuals and social groups as a whole. Often times individuals find themselves in a situations of receiving direct threats addressed at themselves and those close to them.

Goal: The main objective of this workshop is to examine ways in which these harmful messages get spread, where they come from and what individuals can do to protect themselves on social media. Through investigative journalism, we wish to present a clearer picture of how these types of harassment affect certain key groups which have not yet developed the mechanisms through which they can deal with these situations, as is the case with teenagers.

End result: All participants of this workshop will have the opportunity to learn more about the ways in which they can increase their level of security on the internet. They will also come to know whom to turn to when these messages transform from mere words into something criminal.