Method: Film, discussion, investigative journalism

Problem: While it is apparent that the last century has greatly improved the status of women, both in our society and in the West in general, it is obvious that there is much work to be done before the power dynamics between both genders can truly be considered equal. From messages that children of both sexes face while growing up to actual examples of discrimination in the work place, many things need to see change before we can truly talk about gender equality.

Goal: Through discussion, research and the creation of a mini documentary movie on this topic, the participants will be able to delve deeper into the everyday life with which many women are faced and discover all of the ways in which inequalities between the sexes manifest themselves and hinder their life choices, from simpler things like differences across various career fields to the most important question of all, parenting.

Expected result: After this workshop, the participants will improve their knowledge on the obstacles that women face in their daily lives and how some of these may be diminished.