Method: Bio hacking

Problem: Modern age, technological advances and industrialisation have all led to the growing impact man has on the nature surrounding him.The effects are more and more visible as each year goes by, so much so that humans of 20th and 21st century have made more changes on the environment than all those before them in the recorded history of human kind.

Goal: During the workshop, the participants will inspect the interatcion between people and nature and environment, by measuring the quality of air and water, alongside with some other elements, using measuring sensors made by participants and moderators. The measuring will help in determining the impact humans have on the environment. This will let the participants study and understand this phenomenon by approaching the subject in a creative and interactive way.

End result: After the workshop, the participants will gain a practical perspective on something which is mostly talked about through theory, the enormous impact urban environments and industrial objects have on nature, which will help raise awareness on this important subject, and let them spread this knowledge to their communities.