Method: landscape architecture

Problem: Life in the city requires careful balancing between construction of modern objects and maintaining nature by taking care of the green areas and clean air, so that the quality of life in urban areas could be satisfactory. However, with the industry progress and building more and more objects, we have created a disbalance between green and concrete surfaces, which affects plant and animal life, as well as people’s health, in a negative way.

Goal: During the workshop, the participants will work on making a certain par of the city ‘greener’, more arranged and beautified, by rearranging the given area with different plants in a creative and interesting way, which will contribute to how the place looks, but will also help, at least somewhat, to reestablish the balance between nature and urban elements.

End result: After the workshops, participants will, appart from learning skills on arranging green areas, gain awareness on the importance of maintaining nature as part of any urban environment, which they should then be able to take to their own communities.