ISWiB2017 Youth strikes back!
16.07 - 24.07.2017.

Wake up world! Young people are calling you. People who care about your career, personal and professional development and more importantly who care about you. Every year we provide you a chance to catch up with new people all around the world and spend not seven but eight days next year with them in Belgrade, not a city but a metaphor, lifestyle an angle of looking at things. In 2017 'Youth strikes back.' Proudly we are introducing to you the global view of the world and offering a chance to solve the problems from the local sight.

ISWiB 2017 will be held from 16th to 24th of July 2017 in the city where every adventure is becoming a memory you can't forget.

Let's strike back to the world together!


World Youth Wave opens applications for ISWiB 2017 promoters who will assist us with the promotion of International Student Week in Belgrade 2017 (ISWiB 2017).


Dear ISWiBers, we are very proud and happy to announce that we have elected our new President and project coordinator of ISWIB 2017! The competition was strong as always, and we had some very accomplished candidates to choose among, so we picked the best among the best – Ms Milica Manić.
Milica is a graduate student of the Faculty of Political Sciences, the International relations department. Today she is a master course student, specializing in international humanitarian law and human rights law. She speaks English, Spanish, German, Farsi and knows Latin. Milica is a true leader, enthusiastic and cheerful person who adores travelling, meeting new people and drinking coffee. She started her ISWiB experience as a volunteer in 2014, and continued as a member of the IntCom team. She was the team coordinator last year, and a very familiar face to all of our participants. We wish her best of luck as our new president!
We are looking forward to another year full of adventures and hard work and to creating a better festival than ever before. Follow all the news about us on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.